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Because this website will live on past our 35th Reunion, we want to ensure that we have all the ways to stay in contact and keep up-to-date with each classmate. So! Please take a moment to let us know what's going on and how we can continue to share in the love of our beloved alma mater, the #1 HBCU
Ok classmate, we have just a few short questions to ask you
How often would you like to receive email from us?
Are you open to receiving WhatsApp or text messages?
How often you would engage with C'89 on social media or messaging apps?
Maybe once a yearOnce a quarterOnce a monthWeeklyEv'ry day!

Thanks for the update, sis!

Get in touch!
To ask about Reunion 2024 planning, connect with C'89 classmates, or just say "Hi!", email us
2024 • Official website for the Class of 1989, Spelman Alumnae
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