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LOGOS, an online payroll solution, requested a contemporary redesign of its logo. The original (click here to view) was more a collection of items resembling storefront signage, than a polished brand mark. Our redesign (see image above, click on for larger view) maintained the desired color palette while focusing on a cleaner look and reinforcing the subliminal message of file management for the target audience (high net-worth, corporate professionals).


New Venture was contracted to provide event management and graphic design services for a housing development corporation's client-choice food pantry introduction. We designed a self-mailing to communicate event details. The final design leveraged the architect’s drawing of the physical space and the client's brand identity color palette. Click on the above image for a larger view of the postcard front


Lullaby Guild LA is a nonprofit developing and supporting projects for foster children & youth; and responding to the educational & charitable needs of the African American community. We were contracted for a rush brochure redesign (click here and here to view) to be distributed at a fundraiser. The resulting tri-fold presented a contemporary, engaging look. Click on the above image for a larger view of the brochure's A panel. Click here to view the B panel.  

The Meal On Me (MOM) food sharing initiative gifted deserving Brooklyn, NY families with a dining and healthy culinary experience at (the now defunct) Elberta Restaurant. The original logo (click here to view) was a mix of clipart images set upon a placemat image. [Think: a placemat, traditionally found in diners.] We redesigned the logo (see image above, click on for larger view) to complement the parent company's identity and branding while integrating icons associated with fine dinng. 

For a same-day delivery design request, we redesigned a client's 11" x 8.5" flyer (click here to view) into a 5" x 7" chit; for use in different forms such as plastic display cases. In order to be more appealing to the target audience at conferences, small business expos, and during 1:1 consultations, various images of entrepreneurs were used in the final design. Click on the above image for a larger view of the final design. 

New Venture often acts as a subcontractor in Prime and Master Service Agreement scenarios. The above image (click on for larger view) is a concept we designed for a social media marketing campaign; that will be pitched to the client. Above was inspired by the client's Google Docs invitation (click here to view). An additional concept—inspired by corporate approved layouts—will be included in the pitch (click here to view).

Contracted to produce an original design, the client requested a logo that “looks filling, you food.” Three different concepts were produced (click here to view) and presented  for consideration. The client liked all three concepts and selected the one most resembling their all-in-one meal, The Chubby Biscuit. Click on the image above for a larger view of the redesigned logo. 

For a Valentine's Day event, we brainstormed non-traditional gift ideas for a swag bag and designed "love tickets." The "love tickets" tickets are customizable to a person's likes, wants, and haunts. Click on the image above for a larger view of the designed collateral. 

We were contracted by a local Boys & Girls Club to redesign their main brochure (click here and here to view) so that it leveraged the look-and-feel of its website. Click the image above (for a larger view and here for the outside panel) for the final creative which utilized the website’s design, iconography, and imagery. 


PowerPoint Template for Staff Use

Designed and produced to client specifications, this PowerPoint template is part of marketing collateral 'kit' -- letterhead, Z-fold brochure, palm card, infographics -- for use by a nonprofit. Client requested a "colorful look-and-feel" that would engage funders as well as program beneficiaries. 

Theme-specific PowerPoint Template

Also produced to client specifications, this PowerPoint template maintained a sports theme. This template leveraged football iconography -- e.g. a scoreboard, helmets, Xs and Ox for plays, player trading cards -- for the continuation of a year-long fundraising/development effort.

Individual running for office with international fraternity. 

Redesign of client website

Website promoting corporate executives, entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders

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