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spelman woman to watch


CEO, The LifeStyle Group


I believe in being 'compassionately authentic' and that doesn't always work for everyone. 



How JAMIE Views the Board: It’s chess not checkers, and Jamie’s strategy is rooted in entrepreneurship. Jamie Bennett owns The LifeStyle Group, an Atlanta-based personal concierge/lifestyle management firm. TLG helps clients manage their lives by running errands, calendar management, planning events, even waiting for the plumber. Her second business is The JB Consultant Group which is geared toward helping small businesses get their HR houses in order. Think: how to hire, creating employee manuals, how to measure performance, establishing code of ethics, and understanding applicable state & federal regulations. “I believe in being compassionately authentic and that doesn't always work for everyone. So if having an honest conversation in my personal or private life means we have to part company, then so be it. No ulcers for me. Thank you kindly.” 

Recent Display of #SpelmanBlackGirlBrilliance: Jamie describes herself as a “hesitant” entrepreneur and is the owner of TWO businesses. To her clients delight, however, she is making them both work. So while Jamie never wanted to be an entrepreneur, she is crystal clear that successfully running these businesses is [her] God guided mission. “I was created for this and I am going to do my best to succeed. My journey, my testimony isn't only for me, someone somewhere is going to be blessed by watching me walk in my purpose.” 

JAMIE's Go To?: On the weekend it's all about Bricktop's in Buckhead for the Bottomless Brunch. “The food, drinks and people watching is extraordinary. And this definitely is the type of place where potential LifeStyleGroup clients would hang out, so it makes sense to be where they are...doesn't it?”  In An Apocalypse JAMIE's News Feed: " She is authentic and I love that. Her intelligent perspective on daily life, combined with a cutting sense of humor tickles me. I can never read her stuff when I'm supposed to be in a quiet setting, because invariably I'm gonna bust out laughing in loud rambunctious, totally inappropriate laughter.” 

Next Up For This Spelman Woman: Scaling both businesses accordingly. Jamie will begin by ramping up marketing and promotion then hiring additional help. “The LifeStyle Group turns 4 in March 2017 and The JB Consultant Group celebrated one year in December 2016, so now is the time to grow. On a personal note, I might consider making time for dating. ;-)”

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